Mardi Grid

Mardi Grid is coming

And there's everything you can do about it.

Changing the game of the exhibition... fleur! 

What is Mardi Grid? This is DistribuTECH's most unique attendee-to-exhibitor experience. Mardi Grid is the week long culture of attendee-to-exhibitor experience and it's also how we plan to give back to both of them.

Mardi Grid will serve as a hub on the exhibition... fleur where attendees can go to give feedback, win prizes, engage with our social team, grab something to drink anytime (relax; we mean water) and new this year - where they can make the conversation with our exhibitors very two-way through our Exhibition 'Fleur' Awards. 

Mardi Grid Exhibition 'Fleur' Awards:
Best 800 SQF< Booth Design
Best 600 SQF> Booth Design
Best Social Presence
Best Product
Best Service

Additional details coming soon.


This isn't our first rodeo

Attendees already got roped in with #DistribuTEXAS

DistribuTECH 2018's event was in San Antonio and our attendees enjoyed DistribuTEXAS - a one-stop on the exhibit hall that was the most rootin & tootin' floor traffic spot in the hall that side of the Mississippi. 

#DistibuTEXAS included:
- hubs Connect matchmaking meeting corral
- Official event survey
- Official DistribuTEXAS shirt
- Official social media hub & photo contest
POWERGRID International & Renewable Energy World giveaways & games
- Attendee watering hole

Attendee saloon
Attendees sauntered through our swinging doors (no joke) for so many things to do:

• Took the official event survey for a free #DistribuTEXAS t-shirt. And then took a photo with it for... A $500 GIFT CARD
• Signed up for great editiorial newsletters for free - and won prizes like boot koozies, foam hats and color-changing cups
• Took selfies at our official social media photo spot for more chances to win - wait... ANOTHER $500 GIFT CARD
• Nabbed some water from the watering hole on their way out

hubs Connect Corral
This onsite meeting zone was for pre-scheduled attendee-to-attendee meetings - and quickly proved it was a networking goldmine - taking relationships to the next level.

DistribuTEXAS 2018
DistribuTEXAS 2018
DistribuTEXAS 2018
DistribuTEXAS 2018
DistribuTEXAS 2018
DistribuTEXAS 2018
DistribuTEXAS 2018
DistribuTEXAS 2018