Abstract submission is closed

Abstract submission closed

We received more than ever.

We are no longer accepting anymore abstracts for the 2018 conference program. Thank you to the hundreds of thought-leaders for your submissions.


Register for 2018

Don't waste any time.

Even though our record-breaking #DTECH2017 was just weeks ago, we're already offering our beloved Early Bird pricing for 2018. Get this step done today!

Post Event Report

2017 post event report

How San Diego stacked up.

After pouring through the numbers and data we'd like to share just how successful our BIGGEST and BEST event really was.


DistribuTECH networking

The utility experience.

Massive conference program. Packed exhibit hall. That's only the half of it. What makes this such a unique event is the total networking experience.

Floor Plan

Floor plan filling up

Um, grab a space soon.

With hundreds of exhibitors already rebooked onsite, the exhibit hall is going from blue to yellow... fast.
Spots disappear each day you wait.


Sponsorships work

No better way to stand out.

If you're on the fence on whether to be a sponsor or not. The real question you should be asking is...
Can I get my logo on this fence?


Let's take a look back at last year's big conversation.