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1 Exhibitor webinars:

High-impact pre-show planning & marketing: How to set and achieve goals and attract enough of the right buyers to your exhibit
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Best people forward: How to send a “world-class” booth staff to your next pennwell event
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State-of-the-art lead management: How to improve tradeshow lead quality & sales conversion
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Exhibiting ROI: How to measure and report exhibiting results and return on investment
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Improving exhibiting effectiveness: Lessons & best practices from over 10,000 exhibit evaluations
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How to create & promote in-booth learning experiences to attract more attendees
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• NEW! Exhibit Cost Control & ROI Calculator Spreadsheet
• NEW! Exhibiting & Financial Performance Metrics Spreadsheet

4. “Ask the tradeshow expert” Q&A:

Pennwell has made special arrangements with Jefferson Davis, America’s leading expert on trade show success. You can submit questions on any exhibiting topic. Mr. Davis will respond personally within 48 hours. Submit your question now! For more information on Jefferson Davis and Competitive Edge please visit their website http://www.compedgetraining.com/

About the exhibition

DistribuTECH just wouldn't be the same without its massive exhibit hall lined with product and service companies that marry our conference topics and the shifts in the industry and customer demands. We'd say take a look for yourself, but you'll need to register first.


View live floor plan

Get comfy shoes and a smaller personal bubble.

We hate to say it, but our exhibit hall is packed tight. Fortunately, it is with the right people. Rub shoulders, exchange cards and build relationships. Add in on-floor receptions and it's safe to say we put the 'ROI' in party. That doesn't make sense, but we're sticking with it.


See the exhibitor list

Feast your eyes on the technology planned for the floor.

With 520+ exhibitors, DistribuTECH covers so many aspects and niches in the electric, gas and water utility market. And now that renewable and consumer-centric products are taking stage, our hall offers every attendee something.


Become an exhibitor

Book a booth and build a customer base.

You thought 520+ exhibiting companies was impressive? From their perspective, 13,500+ and 341 utilities present is an even bigger deal. If your company wants to get involved, we can help.